Mr. Shinji Asano

Marine Counsel

Academic background

September 1977 Graduated from Toba National College of Maritime Technology, Department of Engineering

Maritime Certificates and Licenses

March 1988 First Grade Maritime Officer (Engineering)
May 1988 Second Grade Maritime Officer (Navigation)
August 2006 First Class Small Vessel Operator

Work experience

October 1977 Joined Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
Boarded cargo ships, container ships, large tankers, car carriers, ore carriers, etc.
April 1992 Joined Fisheries Agency
Boarded fisheries patrol vessels and fishery research vessels
April 2008 Seconded to Marine Accident Inquiry Agency
Assigned to Nagasaki Marine Accident Inquiry Commissioners’ Office as a Marine Casualty Investigator.
October 2008 Reorganization (Japan Marine Accident Tribunal and Japan Transportation Safety Board)
Assigned to Japan Marine Accident Tribunal (Tokyo) and other district tribunals as judge and Investigator for Tribunal
April 2018 Director General, Hakodate Marine Accident Tribunal
April 2020 Investigator General for Tribunal, Japan Marine Accident Tribunal
July 2022 Joined Sago & co.

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