Mr. Teruyuki Sago


Academic background

April 1989 -March 1994 Sophia University, Law Dept.,

Work experience

September 2003 – June 2022 Okabe & Yamaguchi Law Office
October 2007 – March 2008 OJT in London and Shanghai(at Maritime Law firms).
May 2011 – July 2011 OJT in Oslo (at Norwegian Law firm).
April 2014 – Visiting Professor of Law at Dalian Maritime University
April 2016 – September 2022 Lecturer of Waseda Law School
July 2022 Founder of Sago & Co.
October 2022 – Lecturer of Waseda University Graduate School of Law

Specialized Area and past cases
・Maritime accidents such as oil spill, fire, grounding, ship collision, etc.
・Legal disputes related to time charter contracts, voyage charter contracts and individual carriage of goods in bills of lading.
・Disputes related to shipbuilding, and other disputes related to maritime affairs in general.
・He has experience to handle one of the biggest Container Vessel causality cases, oil pollution cases and many wet matters in Japan.

Our People

  1. Mr. Teruyuki Sago
  2. Mr. Yutaka Akatsuka
  3. Mr. Shinji Asano